'Noir' birthday in Smirnov's mansion




Bank robbery (children), Moriarty Lab (adults)


60 adults and 30 children
Smirnov's Mansion in the city center of Moscow


Joint birthday of a mother and a son



The task was to develop two different programs in one space. So that kids have the "bank robbery" theme and adults – theatre show "Moriarty Lab".

The event started before lunch where all the guests gathered for brunch at the mansion. Guests were welcomed by strange characters that did very unusual things (read poems on the chair moving among the guests, weird housemaids were cleaning the mansion, ballet dancer was running around and dancing). A harpist was playing on the stage, and another person was playing an unusual music instrument Termin Voks.
In another room there was a moonshine show with matching snacks, pancakes with caviar, oysters, pickles etc.
Then the guests got on the buses. Adults went to see immersive opera "The Queen of Spades". Children went to a go-carting center decorated as a bank, where they took over the territory while playing laser tag, earned play money while playing an action game in different rooms, and finally they had a go-cart race (winners received a cup and a nice play money fund, everyone else won play money prizes for participation).
After returning to the main site for children, the quest for Bank Robbery with the opening of a magical sarcophagus continued. And in adults began a terrible immersive quest for rooms.

At the end of the evening guest star appeared - Svetlana Loboda.
Also, the children from the entertainment program had a break dancing master class, an exit FAN Casino and an auction for won money for the whole day with gifts.
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